Focus Sales Leap Double Digits, Making it World's Best-Selling Car

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Focus drives Ford's international growth, helped by the Fiesta - which also makes top 5 list.

With the Chinese market leading Ford's global expansion, the company has managed to get two entries onto the world's top-5 selling cars list for 2013. Leading international sales, Ford Focus registrations grew more than 16% in 2013, reaching record numbers throughout the world.The model also clinched the title of best-selling car in China, with 303,000 units delivered.

Enjoying huge popularity in the Chinese market, Focus received outstanding ratings on attributes like design, safety and quality from local customers, getting scores of 15 to 40 percent more than its nearest competitors. In the US, Ford delivered its best sales year since 2006, and remained the nation's top-selling brand. Its car division sales grew 12 percent, Ford SUV models 13%, and trucks improved by 17%.The company also grabbed the title of best-selling small car in Europe, with the popular Fiesta.

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