Folk Racing Is Where Crazy Swedes Kill Saabs And Volvos

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Cheap, nasty and heaps of dirty fun.

Sweden may be a small country but it's jam-packed with a car mad population. Nordic countries have strict tests in place for a driver's licence, so strict and with so much training that youngsters know how to left-foot brake and heel-toe moves. This is why they have had so many famous rally and race drivers over the years like Rickard Rydell, Per Ekland and the chap Top Gear's Stig is named after; Stig Blomqvist. Not everyone goes on to be famous, but many get in to the sport for fun, like the competitors in Folk Racing.

The rules are simple; no force-fed motors, now all-wheel drive, no hitting other cars on purpose. Carfection took a closer look at the madness.

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The race series is cheap to get into and the cars are scrappers with only a few changes. No one dumps big money into the cars because they're all for sale at any time. If ten people bid on a car, marshals do a draw and pick one name out and that's the new owner. Cars cost around $753 (6500 Swedish Krona), so spending money on a car is a bad idea because people will see and the car will be sold. Racing takes place on old rallycross tracks, which Sweden has a lot of, and it happens year round. In winter they race on ice with long studs through the tyres for grip, nothing stops these guys from having fun. This is one of the best ways to get rid of old cars we've ever seen.

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