Follow Up: Cop Sues 458 Spider Driver for $10 Million

It looks like the police officer wants to buy a Ferrari of his own.

Remember this incident from earlier this month? Anyone who's viewed the video taken directly from the scene of this debacle likely won't ever forget it; it's just too damn funny.

Fortunately for the sake of even more cheap entertainment, the story continues. According to Jalopnik, the cop who supposedly had his foot run over by Julien Chabbott, the driver of the Ferrari 458 Spider and supposed boyfriend of "The Hills" star Stephanie Pratt, has just sued Chabbot for $10 million. The officer's name is Felix Recio from Queens, New York and he hired a high-priced lawyer before filing his personal injury lawsuit. Recio's attorney is claiming that Chabbott "clearly had no regard for Officer Recio's life" while Chabbott's legal man accuses the officer of faking the injury altogether.

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