For $5,000, This Batmobile Replica Is The Deal Of The Century

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Seeing as the real Batmobile sold for over $4 million.

The original Batmobile driven by the late Adam West was based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept car. The car was designed by the late George Barris, who was known for several famous TV cars like the General Lee, KITT from "Knight Rider" and the Munster Koach. The Batmobile was so special, that it sold at auction for a whopping $4.62 million. Although it may not be nearly as significant as the original, we managed to find a decent replica that may offer a lot of the Batman nostalgia without the nostalgic price tag.

The replica Batmobile is currently for sale in Treasure Coast, Florida for $5,000. The car is based on a 1987 Mustang convertible that now resembles the original George Barris Batmobile. It may not have the same attention to detail and authenticity, but for just $5,000 it does seem like a bargain. For starters, the car comes with a manual transmission and the 5.0-liter V8, so the fox-body Mustang underneath isn't what we'd call worthless. The owner has clearly put a lot of effort into this car, and we think that the buyer is definitely getting back more than $5,000 worth of value. Obviously, this Mustang has copied the black with orange pinstripe scheme of the original car, as well as the crazy body work of the original.

There are some nice, original touches such as the three exhaust pipes on the rear deck-lid (although we doubt that they are functional). Even the interior has been modified with a video-game-styled steering wheel and a built-in Batphone (which is just for show). It may not be a real Batmobile, but we think that $5,000 is a small price to pay for an extremely unique car that is sure to bring a ton of attention at car shows.

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