For Lexus, Youth Rules - 2011 LS 460 Touring Edition

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Lexus is banking on a new special edition of the new 2011 LS 460 Touring Edition in an attempt to lure a younger market. Their efforts to reach the 35-55 year old male demographic has prompted Lexus to add a sport trim to both the LS 460 rear-wheel and all-wheel drive versions as well as several other cosmetic upgrades. "The package on this car enhances styling and comfort, allowing us to attract younger buyers to the LS line-up," says Lexus vice president Mark Templin.

The Touring Edition package also includes features such as 19-inch five-spoke alloy wheels (18 inches on the All-Wheel Drive model) and an aero kit complete with side skirts, rear and front aprons, and newly-remodeled grille. The interior also gets a big upgrade, with smooth matte brown wood trim, black and tan leather sport seats, and upscale floor mats. Pricing for the 2011 Lexus LS 460 Touring Edition begins at US$73,00 (€51,800).

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