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For Love of the Toyota MR2

The sports car many thought was secretly engineered by Lotus.

Rear-wheel-drive, rear-mid-engine and perfect 50-50 weight distribution. That’s often considered the ideal sports car formula. Not many cars, affordable ones at least, offer that combination anymore. Back in the day, however, Toyota built what was considered to be the "poor man’s Ferrari" of its time. The Toyota MR2 checks all of those ideal formula boxes and then some. First launched in 1984, the MR2 was not only fun to drive but it was also fairly fuel efficient. It literally came out of nowhere and Toyota naysayers were forced to tip their hats with newfound respect.

A second-gen MR2 was launched in 1989 and remained on the market until 1999 when it was replaced with the MR2 Spyder. MR2 owners, as evidenced by this latest Petrolicious video, are a loyal bunch who won’t even allow regular mechanics to touch their cars. The remaining MR2s are that special.

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