For Sale: 1973 1800ES, Just 88-Miles Driven!

41 years old, and we bet it still has that new car smell.

The mother of all shooting brakes and precursor for the Volvo orange that have ruled all of the Swede’s ads in recent years - this gorgeous 1973Volvo 1800ES Coupe is up for sale in Long Island, New York. The car, which was originallyowned by a Volvo dealer in Kansas City, has virtually never been driven. With88 miles on the clock, it’s been kept in immaculate condition, even used byVolvo itself in several shows and exhibitions.

The 1800 comes with a 4-speed manual transmission mated to a4-cylinder, 112 horsepower engine. It is one of 8,100 coupe-wagons built from1961 to 1973, and has probably seen less use than each of those other examplesdid in their first week on the road. The Volvo is up for grabs for $73,900.This is unusually high for a classic Swedish car of this era, but might be well worth the priceif it still has its original new car smell.

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