For Sale: 1981 Carelli Porsche C928 Convertible

One of eight prototypes, the current owner worked at the dealership that originally sold it.

Back in 1981, Porsche up-fitter, Carelli, built just eight ofthese C928 Convertibles as a feasibility study for a production drop-top versionof the beautiful Porsche 928. The current owner worked at the showroom thatoriginally sold the car to its first driver, who paid $103,000 for it in 1981.It was bought back from the dealership by the owner’s father in the early 2000s.The car was produced in close cooperation between Carelli and Porsche, usingtop-notch company-approved materials.

With the top down, the roof is fully hidden infactory-fitted fashion. The Porsche is powered by a stock 4.5-liter V8, matedto an automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. It has alsobeen given an aftermarket muffler and exhaust tip. The seller claims there are6,333 miles clocked on this rare prototype model. Perhaps unsurprisingly,despite the car’s special story and rare status, the top bid at this moment isjust $25,100, with the reserve not met. Check out the eBay ad for more details.

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