For Sale: Military Green Wrapped 2008 Lamborghini Superleggerra TwinTurbo

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Mean looking twin-turbocharged Lambo is up for sale with 9.11% to go to 9/11 victim fund.

Question: Cars are being sold all the time, so what makes this so special? Answer: Two things. First, it has been wrapped in unique 3M Matte Military Green Foil, as a tribute to America's heroes and to honor those that have sacrificed their lives for the country, and second when sold 9.11 percent of the purchase price will be donated to the 9/11 victim fund. Another feature that makes this supercar special is the Heffner Performance 1050TTG Twin Turbo kit that's been installed.

There are a host of other modifications including an upgraded twin disc clutch system, stainless steel turbo exhaust, twin high flow air filters, and an upgraded Motec M800 engine management system, which all combine to increase output to 1050hp. The supercar also has tinted windows, powder coated black rims, carbon ceramics, a carbon interior, rearview camera, a huge carbon-fiber wing, and carbon side mirrors, hatch and diffuser. With just 23k miles on the clock the car is said to be in immaculate condition and is priced at $159,000.

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