For Sale: Rare Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio Fastback

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If anyone can recall, back in 2008 Maserati built a station wagon style version of their Quattroporte. It featured a fastback (sort of) design and was called the Bellagio. We don't know exactly how many were produced, but Maserati intended it to be a little more than a simple design study, hence more than one or two being built. Still, it's an extremely rare car and now, one has come up for sale at a Dutch dealership.

This car, built in 2008, is painted dark blue and has just 961 miles on the odometer. And while this may appear to be the ultimate family wagon cruiser, the asking price is surely out of reach for most. The reported asking price is about $233,000. But still, just think how much fun stocking up on groceries would become.

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