FAB Design

For Sale: SLS FAB Design Gullstream

One of the finest looking Mercedes' fitted with one of the hottest – and rarest – body kits, up for sale in Germany.

As one of our favorite Mercedes Benz SLS aftermarket bodykits, the FAB Design Gullstream is extremely rare. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, body kits are bad for depreciation, causing these rare but beautiful examples of the Benzto be priced at almost the same price as original, naked models. This FABexample, which is apparently in mint condition, is up for sale in Germany for 175,000Euros. With 14,989 km on the clock, it should still feel pretty fresh too.

The FAB Design SLS roadster comes with a changed rear bumperwith larger vents and diffuser, containing a carbon-fiber lip spoiler. Further modifications include a front spoiler with special DRLs and widened fenders. It alsoproduces 607 horsepower instead of the factory-standard 563, allowing it tomake 0-62mph in 3.6 seconds and reach top speeds of 202mph. This particularmodel comes in Designo Mystic White, with red on black leather interior. See the link for theoriginal ad and spec from Germany.

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