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For Sale: Stunning 1968 Maserati Quattropote in Germany

The grandfather of one of today’s greatest sedans showcases its blue bloodline.

Maserati has always been better known for its exotic sports cars, coming in two-door coupe and convertible formats. But way before the introduction of its new Ghibli, Maserati was making its four-door Quattroporte as early as 1963. This 1968 model, on sale in Germany, is one of just 260 examples manufactured of this super-limo. It is in excellent mechanical condition, with its exterior excellently kept up but not yet restored.

Inside, the interior is fully original, with some flaking leather and other respectable signs of aging. The car is equipped with a 4.1-liter quad-cam V8 making a pretty awesome 260 horsepower and reaching a top speed of 143 mph. The Quattroporte is fitted with a manual 5-speed ZF gearbox, disk brakes, a/c, and electric windows, and has only been driven 11,964 km in its 46-year career. It is priced at €40,000 or $54,000, making it less than half the price of its current-day replacement.

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