For the Naughty Kid: A Damaged McLaren MP4-12C up for Sale

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A 'moderately' used McLaren MP4-12C is up for sale at a slightly discounted price.

It was only a matter of time. And this time it struck the new McLaren MP4-12C. As with many supercar owners, the inexperienced ones often find themselves involved in an accident that has caused major damage to both their car and ego. And because they're supercars, they're also extremely expensive to fix. But for one soon to be former owner in the Netherlands, the best solution is just to sell it. This silver example only had a little less than 2,500 miles before the incident.

Judging by the dirt and other scratches up front, we think the owner may have driven it into a ditch (both airbags went off). Other damage includes a cracked windshield and bumper and numerous other scratches throughout. The asking price at the moment is €129,500, which is down from its European base price of €200,000. So is a damaged MP4-12C worth the price?

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