For the True Enthusiast: the BMW M Coffee Table

The ideal gift for the M Performance fan looking to add even more to their collection.

For the person who already has the M car, numerous accessories, and plenty of fond memories, it may be hard to find a gift that could fully complete their collection. Then again, if you look just hard enough, you'll always be able to manage something. And now designer Jason Phillips has created something that every M fan will want to have in their collection. His all-new BMW M table features an interesting tri-compartment/leg design where each of the famous M stripe colors is represented.

Measuring in at 42x32x17''h, it's constructed from cold-pressed steel and finished in a durable powder coat. Interested buyers can also further customize their own table upon request. So for anyone searching for that special M fan's ideal Christmas gift this season, look no further. Interested? Just contact the artist himself for pricing details.

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