For The Ultimate In Renewable Resources, No Car Can Touch This Homemade Chinese EV


Unless there's a race, then pretty much anything will beat it.

You probably shouldn't think of this as a serious attempt at a consumer product, its creator certainly doesn't. The car in these pictures was built by Liu Fulong, of Shenyang, China. It is rather generously being called an EV, although wooden golf cart might be a more appropriate term. The car is powered by an electric motor which allows it to reach speeds of up to 31 mph, and a fully charged battery will allow for a range of about 12 miles.

This is actually the second such vehicle Fulong has made, an improvement over his design of a car he made in August. It's tempting to make fun of the car, but given Shenyang's population of 6 million residents, it's actually a practical option for commuting short distances. Especially considering Fulong spent only $1,608 on the materials to make it. It's also nearly impossible to dislike a car which has a thumbs-up hood ornament. We just hope it keeps evolving at the pace it has been, maybe it'll eventually transform into something like a real car.

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