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For You or the Kids? This '69 Camaro Z28 Slot Car Track is Awesome


And it only costs $85,000.

This may just be the coolest slot car track set we’ve ever seen. It’s not just some table with a track set plastered on top. No, this is a genuine, full-size 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 with a slot car track incorporated on top of the car itself. What’s more, the track is modeled after the Watkins Glen International raceway. The real-life Camaro retains its authentic magnesium Minlite wheels along with the original Penske and Sunoco logos.

The #6 on the door commemorates driver Mark Donahue, the champion who drove the Camaro to six victories back in 1969. For the slot car track, the builders removed the car’s windshield, roof, and seats. The slot cars are 1/32-scale and can be driven on the track’s recreated 11 curves. The detailing work on the model track is also quite something. The hand-carved wood recreates the Back Straight, the Chute and the Boot. There’s even a Valvoline billboard and racing fans in the stands. There are even LEDs that light up the course. A total of 12 slot cars, including a Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and a Chevy Camaro, come with the set. Interested? It only costs $85,000.

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