Ford Adds S-Class Tech To The Fiesta Proving Luxury Cars Cost Too Much

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These are features that small car buyers "could only have dreamed of just a few years ago."

Finally that prediction made about Mercedes S-Class technology trickling down to the lowest rungs on the automotive ladder has come true. Top Gear's ex trio mentioned it a generation of S-Class ago and just this week in Cologne, Germany, we have seen it come true with the reveal of the new Ford Fiesta. The small party-pinata-sized vehicle is the cheapest car Ford sells, but some digging by Automotive News has uncovered that it carries features that would shock a buyer of even the previous gen S-Class.

Lincoln fans may want to avert their eyes because some of the features reserved for Ford's luxury unit have leaked into the tiny Fiesta. Ford's European CEO Jim Farley said that the new Fiesta has an array of technology that small car customers "could only have dreamed of just a few years ago." Some of these features include a self-park feature (we can profess that it works well) that scans for a parking spot and then instructs the driver on how to accelerate as the system turns the wheel and precisely moves the car into an open spot. Pedestrian detection is also available, as is cross traffic alert and even a system that prevents low-speed crashes in parking garages by applying the brakes if a bump is imminent.

Ford also seems to be tailoring the Fiesta for a wide variety of people living under a cash crunch including those who have previously owned crossovers but may be in the midst of financial woes. "Our next-generation Fiesta will deliver an option for every driver -- from downsizing customers who want big-car quality in a small car package, to growing numbers of crossover consumers," said Farley. The model's evolution was also done in part to differentiate the Fiesta from the smaller Ka available in Europe. Americans, who don't care too much for the Fiesta, won't be getting them until 2018 while Europe will see them at dealerships this summer. No mention on whether the new Fiesta ST will borrow the Focus RS' drift mode.


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