Ford Attempts to Cut C02 from Santa's Sleigh

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Ford has come up with the ideal 21st century sleigh for Chris Kringle.

In an effort to reduce C02 emissions, Ford has decided to apply some of their latest green technology to good old Santa's sleigh. They're claiming that this new concept sleigh design would involve retiring Santa's reindeer in favor of their new 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine. Ford claims this decision would save Santa 191,843 tons of C02 and millions of dollars in fuel costs. Wait, what fuel costs? Yes, Ford claims that feeding the reindeer their daily batch of carrots is really that expensive.

The new 1.0-liter EcoBoost, on the other hand, would bring down Santa's fuel costs by 90 percent. The new sleigh also incorporates design elements from the automaker's latest concept, the Evos, which premiered at the Frankfurt Auto Show last September. Some other "cutting edge Ford technologies" built into the sleigh include active park assist, SYNC, EcoMode, an Active City Stop and Blind Spot Information System, and even a door edge protector that helps to avoid dents, dings and scratches when landing on those chimney-covered roofs. Yes, Ford obviously put a lot of thought into this modern 21st century "go green" sleigh.

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