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Ford Attempts To Return Snakes To Ireland With Green Mustang For St. Paddy's

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Just in time.

Every year around this time, everything turns a bit green—and not because we're on the verge of spring. Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, Ford announced a new "Need for Green" exterior paint option for the 2019 Mustang. An odd choice, one might thing, considering Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland and Ford is trying to drive Cobras back in. According to Ford, the new hue will be available across the Mustang lineup come this summer when 2019 model year cars begin rolling into dealerships.

Like any other paint, the color can be combined with available factory graphics packages. It's actually the second shade of green Ford has added this year, alongside Dark Highland Green, an exclusive color on the Bullitt Mustang. It also adds another splash of color to a fairly wide spectrum of selection, joining the GT's launch color of Orange Fury, along with the ever-popular Triple Yellow, Lightning Blue, and Ruby Red. Even so, Ford still falls short of the incredible high impact hies offered by its crosstown rivals at Dodge.

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The news from Ford has been coming fast and furious in the last couple of days, with a particular focus on performance and hardcore enthusiast products. We were given our first look at the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500, which Ford has already promised will pack more than 700 horsepower in its quest to hang tough with cars like Chevrolet's Camaro ZL1 and Dodge's Hellcat Challengers. Also in the pipe is a Mustang-inspired BEV performance crossover, an Explorer ST, and the highly anticipated Bronco revival. Considering the St. Patrick's Day weekend is usually filled with copious amounts of green beer, we hope nobody gets MADD about its new-found automotive association.