Ford Blatantly Copies Tesla Supercharger Stations

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But can't match Tesla's charging performance.

US automakers are waking up to the idea that the future is electric, and are making great headway in electrifying their product offerings. Ford, which already offers the Mustang Mach-E, is getting ready for more EV models such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, and with that comes the responsibility of providing, and maintaining a charging network. EV leader Tesla has managed to deliver a successful charging network with its Supercharger stations boasting an iconic hollowed-out design, and now it seems like Ford is following suit with a very similar design, but completely different approach.
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Whereas Tesla has been focusing on building a brand-specific range of fast-charging systems, Ford is forging partnerships with other charging networks such as Electrify America and Ionity, which is the same path many other manufacturers have taken. Tesla has recently opened up its charging network to other brands, and despite quadrupled charging prices, the Tesla charging network is expanding at an ever-increasing pace. So the approaches might be different, but Ford's blatant ripoff of the Tesla Supercharger design has been causing a bit of commotion on the internet.

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The new charging stations appearing at Ford dealerships have been labeled as a "disingenuous, unnecessarily large, poorly executed knock-off of our design" by Tesla Product Design Director Javier Verdura. We tend to agree with Verdura. What's worse is that Ford only offers a level 2 charger, while Tesla offers level 3 DC fast chargers. Ford's success will depend on its ability to work with its partners to offer a truly integrated charging network that focuses on more than just quick profits in major metropolitan areas. Tesla has proven that it can provide charging coverage to more remote locations in America, and that builds trust and recognition; something a slick charging station design can't accomplish.

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