Ford Boss Clears Controversy, Claims Bronco Will Be Unique From Everest

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Yes, the sad news previously dispensed by the Internet was nothing more than a bad dream.

Just as some things can seem too good to be true, there are instances where a situation sounds so bad that it just has to be a bad dream. We recently experienced this range of emotions when a Reddit AMA was conducted with a member alleging to be a Ford employee who was working on the new Ranger. In the AMA, they told a disappointed audience that the new Bronco would simply be a rebadged Ford Everest, not a square-shaped modern continuation of the Bronco that was phased out in 1996.

Now, according to a report from The Truth About Cars and a separate interview with Ford boss Raj Nair conducted by Autoline TV, that AMA seems to be bogus. Over at The Truth About Cars, the news came from an anonymous source sharing details off the record, which include news that the new Bronco simply will not be a rebadged Ford Everest. Apparently, the Bronco's equipment will come much closer to that of a Jeep Wrangler than an Everest, although the specific details could not be shared. These reports were further backed up by on record speak from Nair, who, when asked if the new Bronco car would be a rebadged Everest, told Autoline, "No, it's a separate vehicle. It will be an incremental vehicle from the Everest."

The Everest kind of serves a lot of off-road capability; maybe the space of the Explorer serves here in the US, but with a body-on-frame construction with a lot more off-road capability for the rest of the world. This Bronco is completely unique from that Everest. It is body-on-frame and so again, focusing on that off-road capability," he added. While Nair hasn't denied that Ford would be borrowing directly from the Everest to build the Bronco, he seems to clearly indicate that it will be different enough that it won't spit in the face of fans by being no more than a badge used to sell a phony. The Ranger on the other hand, will actually be very similar to the Ranger sold globally except with some subtle modifications.

While it may be asking too much to expect a two-door Bronco (or Ranger) with a removable top, at least for now we can rest easy knowing the Bronco nameplate won't be revived and used as a bait and switch. Note: Bronco Renderings courtesy of

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