SEMA 2013

Ford Bringing 57 Cars To SEMA, Including 5 Fiestas

That's a lot of Fords, good thing the Fiestas are easy to park.

Ford has never been exactly shy about bringing a huge truckload of cars to display at SEMA, and with the blue oval bringing a total of 57 vehicles this year, this show won’t be an exception. But the focus is usually on the Mustangs that they bring, since the show is an important marketing tool for the pony cars, but this year they’d like us to pay attention to the Fiestas. The cars were modified by various third party companies, and the modifications are all cosmetic.

The pictures will therefor speak for themselves. First up is the 3dCarbon Fiesta, that’s the red one in the pictures. The white, orange and black car is from Bojix Design. The green and black car is from MRT and is designed to imitate a car from Forza Motorsport 5. The car from Ice Nine Group is pretty clearly labeled, but you wouldn’t miss it anyway, as it’s the one with the crazy graphics down the side. And last is the digital camo-wrapped car is from COBB Tuning and Tanner Foust Racing. The cars all look good, and we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more tuned Fiestas out and about in the world.

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