Ford Brings In Former Apple Executive To Help It Sell More Cars

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What could this mean about the future Ford is planning for itself?

Tech giant Apple may not be interested in building its own car, but it seems like the company has plenty of employees that want to shape the future of the automotive industry. In fact, Tesla hires more of its employees from Apple than any other company, including automakers. Perhaps that is how Tesla has managed to stay so far ahead of the game with its vehicle technology. We've seen that the right corporate hire can completely transform a brand, and now Ford is hoping to capitalize on the source of Apple leadership that Tesla has been mining.

Ford announced that it has hired brand expert Musa Tariq as vice president and chief brand officer as part of its expansion plans and drive to go further in connecting and engaging with today's consumers. Tariq was once in charge of Apple's retail marketing and communications efforts as well as Nike's social media efforts. Ford desperately wants to be competitive on social media, so this hire seems like a perfect fit. Tariq also seems like the perfect candidate to guide Ford through its plans to evolve as both an automaker and mobility company. Ford has shown off some interesting vehicle sharing concepts that Tariq seems perfect to help guide into fruition.

Clearly, Apple has thrived as one of the most recognizable, forward-thinking brands in the world. Ford doesn't really have to worry about being recognizable, but in this changing world of automotive technology, staying ahead of the curve is extremely important. This new hire should help Ford remain relevant and engage with modern consumers.


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