Ford Bronco Customers Are Quickly Losing Patience

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Welcome to Dirt Mountain.

The 2022 Ford Bronco is a smashing sales success for the Blue Oval. But sometimes too much success has the potential to backfire somewhat. As we've long known, the Bronco has suffered from delivery delays due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage crisis along with the defective hardtop fiasco. To its credit, Ford has gone above and beyond to replace all of those faulty hardtops on Broncos already sold and awaiting delivery. That brings us to the latest concern.

Automotive News reports there are still far too many Bronco buyers who have yet to take delivery and Ford has not been the best at communicating to them when that'll be happening. Many have seen their supposed delivery dates pushed back a few times. A video has also emerged showcasing what many Bronco customers have called Dirt Mountain, or Ice Mountain given the time of year.

KenStevens5150/YouTube KenStevens5150/YouTube KenStevens5150/YouTube

This consists of a huge number of Broncos parked outside on a lot near the Michigan Assembly Plant where they're built. They can't be shipped to dealers or customers because they lack chips. One owner expressed his concern about his Bronco, which rolled off the assembly line over two months ago, being exposed to the winter weather. "I am concerned about my vehicle sitting out in the elements," he said. "Its value is depreciating even before I take delivery."

It's unknown precisely how many Broncos are parked there but the video doesn't present a good picture. Ford did not comment on the original report. One dealership owner, however, did confirm the chip shortage is what's causing the so-called "mountain" to keep piling up. Anyone who's familiar with Michigan's harsh winter weather will know that parking vehicles permanently outside is not good.

KenStevens5150/YouTube KenStevens5150/YouTube KenStevens5150/YouTube

Other non-Ford sources say they've seen automaker employees installing something under some of the parked Broncos' hoods. It's being presumed they're being retrofitted with chips. These Bronco customers are not blaming Ford for the chip crisis and they're aware the automaker is doing everything it can to acquire the necessary chips. What they're angry about is the lack of communication regarding delivery status and that their Broncos remain sitting outside covered in snow and ice.

"At the end of the day, the whole process has been somewhat of a shit show," said another future owner. "But we are really excited to be getting our Bronco."

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