Ford Bronco Delays Continue To Infuriate Customers

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What's going on, Ford?

It seems lengthy delays continue to plague new Ford Bronco owners, with scores of them expressing frustration over vehicles that have reportedly been delayed for weeks, if not months. One exasperated customer told Carscoops that myriad examples of the off-roader are just sitting around in depots.

"There are Broncos waiting months to get shipped sitting there, while others ship almost immediately," said the anonymous individual. "No one at corporate seems to care and there is a major disconnect [between] Ford and the shipping carrier."

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And according to the Bronco6G forum, this is an issue many waiting owners are having to contend with. "76 days awaiting shipment and counting. My dealer e-mailed me this morning and said that he has no updates and told me to try the online chat and to let him know how it works out," commented one user.

Posts from several other users suggest that using the online chat service is an exercise in futility. "[Laugh out loud] at [the] chat [idea]," replied another forum member. "What, so they can tell you to reach out to your dealer?"

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To make matters worse, it appears that vehicles ordered at a later date are being delivered sooner than the delayed Bronco models. One forum user posted listings for two new Bronco models, both of which are believed to have been manufactured after his.

"I don't think I would be as annoyed ... at this situation if it wasn't for the fact the sister dealer 20 min away is getting 'dealer ordered' stock that was built after mine. These were delivered separately, so it's not like it was one truck."

Ridiculous delays are one thing, but this logistic nightmare might jeopardize Bronco ownership for some.

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One individual who ordered the Bronco more than a year ago may have to forfeit his off-roader. "If something happens with my financing today, other than an approval at 2.76%, I think I might just walk and be done with this ... way too much stress in the whole process over a car," they wrote.

Another forum member is in a similar predicament and noted that, after six weeks of constant delays, their dream of owning a Bronco is up in the air. "I don't know when I'm gonna be able to get it. I have to reapply for financing and my trade-in value has gone even farther down."

There seems to be hope, though.

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One owner escalated the issue and sent multiple emails to Ford representatives, and that seemed to pay off. "I received a call on Friday from someone within Ford. She is working on [the] location of our Bronco and, miraculously, we have had a rail car number populate overnight." With any hope, these owners will get their vehicles soon.

Ever since its introduction, the Bronco has been mired in unfortunate customer service issues. The early hardtop roofs were prone to premature wearing, and some owners even claimed their vehicles were leaking. Elsewhere, the 2.7-liter V6 was recently at the center of an NHTSA investigation that was looking into premature engine failure.

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