Ford Bronco Demand Will Create Headaches Through 2022

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Even if you've ordered one, prepare to wait a while.

The new Ford Bronco has had a tough first model year. There have been delays, a few quality issues, and more delays. Most of this is due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage crisis, which has yet to be resolved. Last week, Ford made the difficult decision to suspend its Bronco reservation system until further notice. There are simply too many orders to fulfill.

Dealers are being told to stop all Bronco advertising. Unfortunately, these issues are going to spill over into 2022. Speaking to Ford Authority, the Bronco brand chief admits the upcoming model year will have a rough start.

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"We're anticipating that it will be through 2022 before we're able to satisfy the demand," said Mark Grueber. "Part of that is the ramp-up of the plant that's still happening, so it will be into next year. Ford had 190,000 reservations, and 125K converted to orders, so about two-thirds."

A fair number of those who placed their orders later in the year are already being bumped into the 2022 model year category. Fortunately, prices will be unchanged. The Blue Oval also recently confirmed it is replacing the hardtop on every single unit, sold or unsold. Owners discovered the top's poor build quality not long after taking delivery. Ford ultimately concluded it was best to replace rather than repair.

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It's not all doom and gloom since Ford is keenly aware of the problem and it's going to great lengths to resolve it. Patience is required. The 2022 model year will also see a few cool new items offered to buyers, including several new paint colors such as Eruption Green and Hot Pepper Red. All new colors will be offered on both the two- and four-door body styles as well as every trim level.

Those who really can't wait to get a Bronco can always opt for a Bronco Sport. It may be a little less capable off-road, but it can still handle a significant amount of action when needed.

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