Ford Bronco Gets Coyote V8 Engine Swap From A Mustang

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This may not be the Bronco Raptor R we expected, but we'll take it.

Ford just debuted the Bronco Raptor. To date, it's the most extreme Bronco yet, which is saying something, seeing as the base Bronco is already a pretty serious off-roader. The 'BRaptor' takes that to another level, but like the new F-150 Raptor, does so with fewer cylinders than some had hoped. In both the F-150 and Bronco Raptors, some were still holding out for a V8. Ford remedied the F-150 with a new V8-driven Raptor R, but for now, the Bronco Raptor has to deal with a V6 twin-turbo mill. However, a small group is looking to change this. This could be the first-ever "Bronco Raptor R."

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The idea here is pretty simple. Gut a Ford Mustang, taking its Coyote V8 heart and dropping it into the place where a Bronco motor used to live. If you've ever turned a wrench before, you'll know that's easier said than done, especially on a modern car. The candidate in question is a pretty basic 2021 Bronco Outer Banks. It's a hardtop but comes with the smaller inline-four motor rather than the upgraded turbo V6. It does come with the Sasquatch pack, but that's just about it. Of course, the Bronco has its seven GOAT (Goes Over Any Terrain) modes and other modern computer functions that'll have to be made transferrable to the new powertrain. We're sure that will be the most challenging part of the build.

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Thus far, the V8 has been removed from the 'Stang, now finding its home in the Bronco. Shockingly, it fits. Granted, none of the V8's miscellaneous parts have been fitted along with it but based on what No Traction Faction (NTF) said in the below post, the motor and its transmission can fit in there. For now, it was just a test to determine whether this swap would be feasible. And given the progress we've seen, it looks to be. Now, that said, the V8 out of the Mustang is going to need some work.
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The new Bronco Raptor makes 418 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque. This donor Coyote V8 made over 400 hp from the factory but it's unclear if we'll see some forced induction and big numbers on this build. Or perhaps NTF chooses to make this build more about if a V8 can fit rather than the power it puts down but we think it will be more than a V6 when they are done.

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