Ford Bronco Heads To Europe In Limited Numbers

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European customers will soon be able to get their hands on the beloved Bronco.

While American consumers have been denied some truly tantalizing cars in the past, we're also privy to some great machines sold in very few markets. The Ford Bronco is one such vehicle. With retro good looks, the rugged off-roader has proven popular with consumers and demand is so strong it's given the Blue Oval a bit of a headache.

Satisfied with conquering the American market, the Bronco is packing its bags and heading across the Atlantic. Ford Germany has announced the capable SUV will be introduced to certain left-hand-drive European markets, where it hopes to steal more of the Wrangler's lunch. The dune destroyer will be made available towards the end of 2023, says the automaker, and in very limited numbers. But why is Ford waiting so long?

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The more likely explanation would be that Dearborn wants to fulfill delayed orders in the United States first. After all, we can't imagine waiting customers would be too happy if units were shipped abroad and not delivered here first. But there is a possibility that Ford is delaying the European introduction to accommodate a potential facelift or update.

Production of the Bronco kicked off more than a year ago and, by the time it arrives abroad, Ford will have likely planned a trip to the automotive plastic surgeon. Speculation aside, Ford of Europe's Matthias Tonn is excited about the off-roader's arrival. "Following the huge success of the new Bronco in the US, we are thrilled to be bringing some of the spirit of adventure to our customers in Europe."

Our continental contemporaries will only be able to select the four-door model but will receive the same extensive array of accessories available in America. Adventure-minded extras such as roof tents and light bars will be made available.

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Unfortunately, the United Kingdom has been left out of the equation. Those who simply must have a Bronco will be pleased to know luxury vehicle retailer Clive Sutton privately imports the off-roader into the UK. Because it's not built for right-hand drive configurations, buyers will have to be satisfied with the American-spec configuration.

Interestingly, Ford Australia has managed to convert the F-150 to suit the needs of consumers. The Blue Oval reintroduced the pickup truck Down Under a couple of months ago and contracted a specialist to carry out the RHD conversion. Getting back to the Euro-spec Bronco for a moment, Ford has not released any details regarding gas mileage or performance figures.

It's safe to assume the Bronco will retain the 2.3-liter and 2.7-liter powertrains offered locally, but they may be strangled by Europe's tougher emissions regulations. While we're happy to share our toys, maybe we could also get something in return? The Everest would be great.

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