Ford Bronco Orders Are Through The Roof Already

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And in typical American fashion, that means some customers are going to have a long wait ahead of them.

Arguably one of the most talked-about cars of 2020, the Ford Bronco is going to flood our streets soon. Awesome accessories will be available and multiple special editions will only add to the hype. The off-roader's baby brother, the Bronco Sport, has also proven so popular that dealers are selling their demo models. As impressive as that is, the regular Bronco is still the one to have, and The Detroit News is reporting that Ford has received a staggering 125,000 orders for the SUV already. However, just like so many other American automakers, this is resulting in delays for the customers who acted a little too slowly.

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Ford is apparently having an issue sourcing certain optional roofs for the Bronco, and this issue will last longer than the Blue Oval originally anticipated, meaning that customers who ordered one may have to wait until next year to get their new Bronco. That's just ridiculous, but it's nothing new. Ford has recently had to compensate Mach-E buyers over production delays, and we doubt that Bronco buyers are any happier about the situation. Still, we're bound to see plenty of examples on the roads eventually as the 125,000+ orders make up approximately two-thirds of the roughly 190,000 reservations that were originally made back in July of last year.

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Mark Grueber, Ford's consumer marketing manager, says that "the demand ... has just been overwhelming. We're very excited and pleased with the conversion rate and very humbled in terms of the demand that's out there. So, now we're just focused on trying to get these customers their Broncos as soon as possible."

Production is expected to start next week, and Ford feels that it's on track to deliver vehicles to dealers in June, as planned. Despite the delays that some will face, Ford is still encouraging customers to make a reservation on a build slot. The company is also reporting that it is increasing its investments with suppliers and working closely with them to minimize future delays. Fingers crossed that all orders are fulfilled soon.

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Source Credits: The Detroit News

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