Ford Bronco Owners Discover Troubling Quality Problem

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This shouldn't be happening with any brand-new vehicle.

The reborn Ford Bronco is one of the most highly anticipated new vehicles on the market right now. Production delays caused frustration among early buyers, some of whom bought a Bronco Sport instead. But patience has its virtues and Bronco SUVs are now on the road. However, there appears to already be a quality control problem regarding the Molded-in-Color hardtop.

Members of the Bronco6G forum are discussing and sharing photos of the issue right now and it's highly likely Ford is aware of it. We've reached out to the company seeking comment and we'll hopefully update this space with a relevant response soon. What's reportedly happening is that an unusual-looking honeycomb/snakeskin pattern is developing along with rough and unpainted edges.

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Sources indicate the pattern issue is the result of thickness uniformity among the three construction layers. This is leading to so-called "thin" spots in the lamination. The edging issue appears to affect the roof's rear horizontal section. The sides, to compare, have painted edges and seem to be fine.

One owner is claiming there were no visible problems when they took delivery last month. Fast-forward to the present and the headliner is separating from the roof panels in two areas. The grey edges are also fading in color and there's evidence of warping around the mounting bolts in the cargo section.

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Without a doubt, there are quality control problems with these hardtops and none of this should be happening after only a few weeks. Imagine what the situation will be like in a year's time. Ironically enough, the hardtop was one of the reasons for the Bronco's delay, specifically the supplier. It's possible these tops were rushed to production in order to meet Ford's new summertime delivery deadline.

It sure sounds like that major push affected build quality. Repairing these hardtops may not be the best solution but rather an outright replacement. Just how many owners are suffering from this issue and what Ford intends to do about are what we expect to hear more about in the coming days.

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Source Credits: Bronco6G

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