Ford Bronco Soft Top Fails In A Snow Storm

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One of two things happened here.

The Ford Bronco is one of the most popular vehicles of last year. It deserves every bit of praise it's received and then some but it hasn't all been smooth sailing. If you recall, not long ago Ford was forced to replace every hardtop on every Bronco. It didn't matter if the SUVs were sitting in dealer lots or if a customer had already taken delivery. The hardtops were defective due to a supplier quality control issue. Ford did the right thing and worked quickly to resolve the matter. Through it all, the soft-tops remained immune to problems. That might be changing.

A Canadian owner of a 2021 Bronco recently uploaded images he took to the Facebook Bronco 6th Gen fan page showing the powdery aftermath of a blizzard striking Tuktoyaktuk located in the northern region.

Tyrone Raddi/Facebook Tyrone Raddi/Facebook

Before the winter snowstorm hit, Tyrone Raddi left town, parking his Bronco outside with the soft-top supposedly up and firmly in place. He came home to a very troubling find. The Bronco's interior was completely covered in snow. So the question is this: Did the soft-top genuinely fail during the blizzard which, at one point, saw 50 mph winds, or did the owner neglect to put the soft-top in place prior to departure?

We certainly hope he's not trying to cover up his mistake. But we highly doubt that. He also filmed a video to prove his innocence. Raddi walks outside to the SUV where the hood is wide open.

Tyrone Raddi/Facebook Tyrone Raddi/Facebook Tyrone Raddi/Facebook

The engine is also evenly covered in snow. We highly doubt Raddi would leave town for a few days with the Bronco's hood open while parked outside. Raddi's walkaround video also shows the full extent of the interior damage Mother Nature caused. And then there's the "ah-ha" moment.

A friend or family member shines a flashlight at the soft-top-covered roof. Aiming the activated flashlight downward and slightly lifting the top shows light shining through the roof.

"That's how the snow is getting in, folks," Raddi said. It sure looks like the soft-top can't handle major wind gusts.

CarBuzz reached out to Ford regarding the matter. A spokesperson replied saying they were unaware "if the owner has been in touch with our team or what led to this. They would need to flag it with a dealer first to inspect what might be happening in these photos. Until then, it would be speculating."

Tyrone Raddi/Facebook Tyrone Raddi/Facebook Tyrone Raddi/Facebook

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