Ford Bronco Sport Looks Transformed With Chunky Off-Road Tires

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A small change makes a big difference.

Many Ford Bronco customers are still reeling from the news that the launch of the highly anticipated SUV has been pushed out all the way back to summer this year. By comparison, the Bronco Sport has flown under the radar; it's a less hardcore off-roader but has already begun reaching initial customers. For those still trying to decide between the Bronco and the less masculine Bronco Sport, we've just spotted the latter in some seriously chunky off-road tires that significantly changes the look of this SUV, giving it a rugged aura about it that is lacking from most of the stock models.

Kristopher Serrano/Facebook
Kristopher Serrano/Facebook

In fact, these are the biggest tires that will fit on the Bronco Sport, with the BF Goodrich 245/65 tires wrapped around new 17x7.5 Foxtrot wheels from Alphaequipt. A set of these wheels will go for $900.

While most commenters agreed that the tires make the Bronco Sport look a lot better, many questioned whether the SUV's off-road performance - and especially articulation - will be too compromised with so little space in the wheel wells. It was confirmed that the Bronco Sport pictured here is sitting at stock height and that there is no rubbing during lock-to-lock turns, while a dual valve system for airing down can assist with certain off-road escapades.

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However, a lift wouldn't hurt for buyers wanting the aggressive look and some extra assurance in off-road environments. For buyers who have little interest in off-roading, this tire and wheel combination gives the Bronco Sport a significant visual boost and you'd be able to order one long before the Bronco arrives.

What you'll have is a spacious, modern, and rugged SUV with standard 4x4, plus a terrain management system with five so-called G.O.A.T. modes (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain). Mostly, though, the Bronco Sport just looks way more appealing in this spec.

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