Ford Bronco Sport Loses Its Killer Financing Deals

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That was quick. The unibody off-roader isn't even shipping yet.

Bad news if you were hoping to get a brand new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport with zero interest: that ship might have sailed.

Ford surprised us last month when the automaker began retailing the Bronco Sport - the first vehicle ever to wear that nameplate - with zero-percent financing through Ford Credit for loan terms up to 48 months. Typically, it isn't until several years after a new model's introduction, when demand has begun to wane and the automaker needs to sweeten the pot a bit to move units, that we start to see such aggressive financing offers. But of course, the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport was born into unusual circumstances, with a global pandemic interrupting dealer operations and eating into consumers' budgets, prompting Ford to extend some generous deals.

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Those days could be coming to an end, at least for the all-new Ford Bronco Sport. According to a report from CarsDirect, Ford Credit - the financial arm of Ford Motor Company - is introducing a 0.9-percent interest rate on 48-month loans. That may not sound like a lot, but over the life of the loan, it amounts to another $16 per month for the monthly payment, and a total of $739 in interest.

That said, zero-interest financing is still available for loan terms up to 36 months, and it's still surprising that such a new vehicle has any special financing offers at all. Whether customers are at 0.9 percent for a 48-month loan, or 1.9 percent for 60 months, both those rates are still below the best they could hope to get elsewhere.

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The brand new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport will start shipping before the end of 2020, and Ford's current financing offers are only guaranteed to stick around until the end of the month. Along with special financing, Ford Credit is also offering loan terms on the Bronco Sport up to 84 months in length, giving customers plenty of varied options when it comes to how they want to pay for the all-new unibody off-roader - and how low they want to keep the monthly payment.

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