Ford Bronco Turned Into Off-Road Monster With $16K Portal Axle Kit

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This lifted Ford Bronco has superior off-road performance with aftermarket parts and impressive ground clearance - and an eye-watering price tag

Supposing you've been able to get your hands on one, you might want to take a look at this wild upgrade for the Ford Bronco.

Werewolf Tech will sell you a portal axle kit for the new Bronco, taking its off-road performance from "stellar" to "unbeatable" in one $16,000 stroke.

It's a lot of cash, but other vehicles with portal axles, like this $300K Unimog, can cost quite a bit more than a $60K Bronco with $16K in parts on it.

Ford Bronco With $16K Portal Axle Kit CarBuzz Werewolf Tech
Ford Bronco With $16K Portal Axle Kit

Now, if you're out of the loop, here's a quick summary on portal axles. The lowest point on your ride is always a weakness off-road. Often, that's the differential or the axles it's attached to. Banging those up can be expensive, so portal axles are a widespread (if extreme) solution.

A set of portal axles raises the "entry point" of the axle into the wheel hub by raising it above the wheel's center line, using a gear or set of gears. Werewolf Tech says its portal kit bumps the Bronco's ride height by 5.1 inches.

Werewolf Tech Werewolf Tech

Combine that with a set of larger tires, and you're potentially looking at a foot of extra clearance.

On top of that, the gearing in the kit is shorter, which also gives you a bit of a performance bump. However, it's not like flashing your Bronco's ECU.

Instead, the shorter ratio means your car moves through the gears (and thus the speedo) quicker. We could write a whole post on that, but for now, know that this is basically a tune for your Bronco, plus some more ground clearance. What's more, the kit is supposedly "bolt-on." We're not quite sure how involved installation is, but expect this to be somewhat challenging,

Still, the idea of bolt-on ground clearance is something we're sure Bronco owners will love, even at this price.

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