Ford Bronco Wildtrak Getting Raptor-Sourced Fox Suspension

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The HOSS 3.0 pack sources the advanced dampers from the new Ranger Raptor.

The Ford Bronco Wildtrak is one of the best picks of the litter if you're looking to get into the driver's seat of the hard to come by 4x4. With a base price of $49,780, it comes loaded with standard features such as 17-inch beadlock-capable alloys with mud-terrain tires, heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, and the Sasquatch Package, among other things.

If that's not enough, there are more than enough options available that will enhance both the comfort and capability of the Bronco. This includes steel bash plates, protective moldings, a cargo area protector, and more. But Fors is making the Wildtrak even better now with an all-new High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension (Hoss) 3.0 package by Fox, exclusive to the Wildtrak with Raptor-inspired upgrades.

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Priced at $2,515, this package adds a powder-coated steel bumper with tow hooks, fog lights, and bash plates. This is joined by a Ford Performance severe-duty steering rack and tire rod ends sourced from the Bronco Raptor. These parts act as a robust support system for the 4x4 SUV if it is subjected to tackle harsher surfaces and environments.

More important than these, are the 2.5-inch Fox internal bypass dampers. This is a significant upgrade over the already capable HOSS 2.0 package which consists of a respectable set of dampers developed by Bilstein. These Fox shocks and dampers are sourced from a Raptor, but it's not the one you might think. The Bronco Raptor uses 3.1-inch diameter dampers, but the HOSS 3.0 package takes its narrower shocks from the recently revealed Ranger Raptor instead.

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If you do spec this option, the Bronco Wildtrak is expected to have the prowess to tackle unleveled surfaces at speed without hindering the comfort levels. The internal bypass damper technology uses a special inner body that distributes oil around the main piston, which runs through the center, rather than through it. Using this design, the dampers translate less resistance and more compression. It's currently only available to reservation holders or customers with build dates that have not been scheduled.

The HOSS 2.0 package is still standard with the Wildtrak, however, as it forms part of the Sasquatch Package. This uses a slightly less capable End Stop Control Valve that operates similarly to Fox's technology, but without the oil bypass. Fox's aluminum construction also means that the HOSS 3.0 package dissipates heat faster, giving the benefit of longer life and better continued response under duress.

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