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Ford Builds Ken Block 'New' Escort Cosworth

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Here's hoping it sticks around longer than the last one

When you drive as hard as Ken Block does, you're bound to wreck a car from time to time. That's what happened to his 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth rally car, which Block crashed and burned at the New England Forest Rally this past summer. But the Gymkhana master isn't prepared to do without the Cossie altogether.

Ford Performance has announced that it's building Ken a "new" Escort RS Cosworth to replace the one he wrecked, and will take it on tour around the world over the course of the new year ahead. And this time we hope it lasts a little longer.

"Sadly, last year's American Rally Association campaign in my Ford Escort RS Cosworth Group A racecar ended in a crash that resulted in the car burning to the ground," said Block. "Before it was even fully extinguished though, I knew we were going to have to build another one, possibly with a bit more flare. And power."

Ken's last Escort Cosworth was a heavily modified Group A rally car, fitted with the 2.0-liter turbo four built to 1997 WRC standards with an aluminum (ahem) block and as much as 620 horsepower in unrestricted Gymkhana spec (or 340 hp in competition rally trim).

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It was based on one of the Blue Oval's most legendary rally machines, the precursor of today's Fiesta that Block (and so many others) have fielded in both demonstration and competitive events around the world – including several of those legendary Gymkhana videos.

This time Hoonigan is filming a video series that will document the build and its campaign, interspersed with a bit of rally history. We're already looking forward to watching it, and to seeing when and where Block will be fielding the new Cossie once the schedule is released early next year.