Ford Bumps Bronco Buyers To 2022 Model Year

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Here's how they'll be compensated.

The reborn 2021 Ford Bronco is in high demand and the Blue Oval deserves every bit of praise bestowed upon it for reviving this legendary SUV with brilliant design and impressive capabilities. Unfortunately, continued fallout due to the coronavirus pandemic has hit the Ford supply chain, pushing back first deliveries until next summer. The good news is that this delay isn't terribly long. The bad news is that the combination of high demand and production-related factors will force some 2021 model year hopefuls to wait until 2022.

A member of the Bronco6G forum has posted an email they received from the automaker informing them that it anticipates "deliveries to continue through the 2022 calendar year, with some customers getting a 2022 model-year Bronco" instead of a 2021 model.

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The email provides Bronco reservation holders a general update of the situation and Ford reiterated its commitment to deliver "a high-quality product as soon as we can" and that dealerships will begin reaching out in mid-January, instead of this month, to schedule an order consultation and ultimately place an order. Once all orders have been submitted in May, buyers will be provided with an estimated delivery date. At that time some will learn whether they'll have to wait until 2022.

To compensate them for the delay, Bronco customers are being invited to join the FordPass Rewards loyalty program. Here's how it'll work: upon taking delivery, Bronco owners will earn 42,000 points, valued at over $200, which can be used toward maintenance and service, accessories, and other benefits at dealerships.

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An additional 20,000 points will also be given upon delivery as a show of appreciation for their patience. The total of 62,000 points equates to over $300. Hopefully, those points won't be needed for maintenance, but instead can be spent on some of the hundreds of accessories available for the Bronco, such as soft-tops and all-weather floor mats. All accessories will have warranties as well.

The Bronco delivery delay was certainly a blow and waiting until 2022 for some customers will be especially difficult, but at least they'll have plenty of time to shop the accessories catalog.

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