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Ford Can't Decide What To Name Baby Bronco

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Wasn't this already settled?

Earlier this month, we learned that Ford had finally chosen a name for its upcoming off-road-focused crossover, the so-called Baby Bronco. At the time, it appeared as if Ford decided on the Bronco Adventurer name, but apparently, that's no longer the situation. According to Ford Authority, anonymous sources familiar with the Blue Oval's product plans are now claiming it'll be called Bronco Sport. No reason was given and we honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out if this could still change given the vehicle's debut is still about a year away.

If you also recall, Bronco Sport was one of several names Ford filed trademarks for earlier this year. Others included Bronco Scout, Bronco Big Bend, and Bronco Outer Banks. It's entirely possible some of these will be used as trim levels or packages for what's shaping up to be a new Bronco family.

Although it won't ride on the Ranger's body-on-frame platform the regular Bronco will use, the smaller crossover will instead utilize the Escape's FWD unibody setup, internally called C2. What's also possible is a pickup truck variant of the body-on-frame Bronco. Yes, really. But doesn't this already exist? You know, the Ranger? Yes, but the Jeep Gladiator's massive success so far indicates Americans also desire less conventionally styled mid-size pickup trucks as well. Since all of the engineering would be completed, adding a truck bed to the Bronco's design is relatively simple. See what we mean by the so-called "Bronco family."

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Back to the Bronco Adventurer now Bronco Sport: what will be under its hood? Well, definitely not a V8. Chances are a turbocharged four-cylinder will come standard while hybrid and plug-in hybrid models are very likely. We expect the reveal to happen in about a year's time. The regular truck-based Bronco, however, is not due until early 2021. A truck variant may not arrive until the following year.