Ford Cancels All Bronco Heritage Limited Edition Orders Made Online

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There are going to be a lot of angry Bronco customers out there.


Ford contacted CarBuzz to confirm that "2023 Bronco two- and four-door Heritage Limited models will be allocated by Ford to its dealers. As we have previously stated, Bronco Heritage Limited will not be available for customer ordering and dealers with allocation will determine their customers.

We recognize that some dealers placed orders into our ordering system. These were removed given the Ford-led dealer allocation plan for these limited-production vehicles."

As if it wasn't popular enough already, the Ford Bronco got even better this year. It all started with the reveal of the Bronco Raptor in January, but the aftermarket also responded with some cool accessories and Ford Performance saw fit to give the four-cylinder models a power bump.

But after the Raptor, perhaps the sweetest Bronco news was the reveal of the irresistibly cool-looking Heritage Edition and Heritage Limited Edition Broncos. With their throwback styling but all the capabilities of the modern Bronco, these special editions are hard not to love. What's less pleasing is how hard it is to buy a Bronco Heritage Limited Edition to begin with.


We already knew that this particular Bronco would only be available via dealers, not retail orders, but some customers have found that out the hard way. Apparently, Ford's retail ordering system still allowed certain customers to place an order for a Bronco Heritage Limited Edition, and the Blue Oval even went as far as to send order confirmation emails to them, according to Bronco Nation.

Now, those few customers will be left extremely deflated as their orders will be canceled if they haven't been already.

That's a raw deal for customers who may have thought that they'd bagged one of the most desirable Broncos yet, only to find out they'll have to update their orders to another, possibly less desirable, trim.


For the Bronco Heritage Limited Edition models, only 3,932 examples - 1,966 for the two-door and 1,966 for the four-door - will be made. Dealers will receive at least one unit each and they can sell these to anyone, so expect sky-high markups. These will either be 2023 or 2024 models.

Two- and four-door Bronco Heritage models have a two-tone paint job with numerous white accents. They have 1960s era-inspired squared fenders and Sasquatch-width fender flares. For Heritage Limited models, there are 17-inch heritage wheels with "dog dish" centers, along with an Oxford White lip.

We expect the 3,932 examples of this special Bronco to sell for huge prices when they become available.

Source Credits: Bronco Nation

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