Ford Chief Designer Anthony Lo Reveals Future Direction For Electric Cars

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Anthony Lo is full of ideas when it comes to innovative design.

Ford's chief design officer, Anthony Lo, wants us to rethink car interiors. As electric vehicles are expected to last longer than their ICE counterparts, owners will likely keep their cars for longer. This has inspired Lo to think out of the box.

"If you imagine vehicles having a longer life, then at some may want to introduce a new interior layout, [or] a new material you can actually put into the vehicles to update [them], like a freshening," explained Lo to Fast Company. He likens the concept to renovating your home. "[It's] like your house. You may want to refresh [it] three, four, or five years after [you've owned] it."


Lo has previously said electric vehicles have changed the world of car design. Where the exterior used to take preference, the interior is now becoming more important.

"Because of the [number] of features within the vehicle that you can control as a user, the user interface becomes more and more important. The design process is turning upside down," he said at the time.

His fresh take on interior design is evident in the gorgeous Lincoln L100 concept, which boasts an elegant interior designed for autonomous travel.

This goes beyond aesthetics, though. Ford's own research has shown people spend more time working and eating in their vehicles, instead of driving them. With the advent of EVs, waiting for a car to finish charging is also a reality.


But instead of fooling around on your phone or twiddling your thumbs, Lo wants to create an entertaining and immersive environment. Lo asked, "If you're waiting at a charging station, or you're at a campsite, what can you do inside a car?"

We're yet to see what he pulls out of his design hat, but the two latest Lincoln concepts provide an inkling of what to expect.

The Lincoln L100, for example, has a digital screen that spans the entirety of the floor. This not only lends the cabin an incredible ambiance but will surely entertain (or relax) occupants. Let's not forget the chess piece controller. It may not be entirely practical, but it's a thing of beauty and adds to the luxurious feel.

The Star Concept is just as decadent. 3D-printed metal latticework, glass, and plush materials work together to create a serene yet high-class cocoon. But Lo is focused on so much more than the interior.


Ford's chief design officer also explained how important aerodynamic exterior design is, especially in the fast-approaching era. We can expect a drastic departure in terms of vehicle design, says Lo.

"I think it's been an emerging trend for a while. In the past, with [ICE vehicles], you were tasked with being aerodynamic for fuel efficiency. For [EVs], I think you need to be even more aerodynamic because it will increase your range."

The talented designer is adamant that, with the right design, it's entirely possible to add 30 to 40 miles of range to an electric vehicle. Alternatively, this could also allow for current range standards to be maintained, but with smaller batteries. This would create lighter, eco-friendlier vehicles with lower price tags.

Whether we will see these ideas implemented on, say, the next Mustang Mach-E remains to be seen. But Lo certainly has plenty of inspired ideas that could change the way we view vehicles forever.

Source Credits: Fast Company

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