Updated Ford Explorer Coming With Giant Infotainment Screen

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The new system has 4K resolution and covers a large portion of the dash.

The Ford Explorer happens to be a crucial product for the brand in both the American and Chinese markets as it fulfills a crucial mid-size SUV segment. The two products are somewhat different as they cater to contrasting regions, each with its own specific demands, but most of the components have always been shared. It's not the same case with the latest Ford Mondeo, which is a sedan offering that is not destined for the USA.

Last month, we were given a sneak peek at the region's updated model but now the Chinese arm of the American company has released some revealing images just ahead of the model's official reveal. This may give us some insights as to what we can expect when the range is facelifted here.

Ford Ford Ford

Visual changes are fairly conclusive with the front being afforded a more commanding grille design with a striking pair of LED headlights connected by a bar that runs just beneath the hood. Ensuring an element of ruggedness is a satin silver anti-scuff plate fitted to the lower part of the bumper and dynamic air vents positioned on either side. For more presence, it looks as if the font size of the Explorer badge affixed to the hood has also been increased.

On the sides, the model retains a traditional SUV design with its plastic wheel arches, tall ride height, and anti-scuff trimmings on the lower doors. A premium feel is highlighted by the existing alloy wheel design and black gloss finish for the roof and side mirrors for the model painted in the brand's Star White shade.

Ford Ford 2020-2022 Ford Explorer Front View Driving Ford
2020-2022 Ford Explorer Front View Driving

The rear image of the car sporting a Stone Blue paint color shows us that the taillight cluster has also been heavily revised to take up more space on the tailgate. The use of chrome has also been increased with a strip that runs just beneath the badge. The Explorer lettering no longer sits on the strip but has now been installed similarly to the front with a set of bold individual chrome badges.

Creating a more aggressive and prominent presence is a lower rear bumper that houses larger rhombus exhaust tailpipes in a satin silver cluster, further complemented by a black anti-scuff plate.

Ford 2020-2022 Ford Explorer Rear View Driving Ford 2020-2022 Ford Explorer Driving Back View Ford
2020-2022 Ford Explorer Rear View Driving
2020-2022 Ford Explorer Driving Back View

As per Ford China's description, this update of the Explorer aims to focus on digital experiences and intelligent driving systems. We see that this is the case with the direction it has taken inside the cabin where a large 4K resolution infotainment system spans from the center section of the dashboard to a portion of the passenger seat. This is a curious replacement for the portrait screen that is currently being rolled out to models in the USA.

The steering wheel, digital instrument cluster, and other interior components look to be unchanged but the redesigned central air vents and climate controls sit a bit lower on the dash as it now falls in line with the repositioned ignition button. Also, take note of the roller shutters applied to the cup holders and storage tray in the center console.

Ford 2020-2022 Ford Explorer Driver Chair Ford
2020-2022 Ford Explorer Driver Chair

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2020-2022 Ford Explorer Side View Driving 2020-2022 Ford Explorer Forward Vision

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