Ford Confirms Our Worst Suspicions About Bronco's Donut Doors

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Can't say we're entirely surprised.

The triumphant return of the Ford Bronco has been one and continues to be one of the biggest events in the auto industry in recent months. Although its original debut plans were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, Ford still put together an impressive series of online debuts, and, to date, the order books speak for themselves. The Bronco is already a smash hit and not a single unit has rolled off the assembly line yet.

Not only is it a serious off-roader that'll give the Jeep Wrangler it's most direct competition in years (if not ever), but the Bronco looks fantastic, but not all of the features shown on the Cyber Orange two-door debut concept will make production. More specifically, those donut doors.

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Forum members on Bronco 6G were able to gather some information at the recent Bronco Super Celebration East event in Tennessee, where the 2021 Bronco Overland concept was revealed. According to Ford reps, the donut doors that were previewed on the previous accessories concept SUV will remain just that, a concept. This is said to be due to unfavorable crash test data.

The good news is that Bronco buyers for both two- and four-door body styles will still have a 200+ parts accessory catalog at their disposal. Ever since the Bronco's online reveal, those donut doors caught the attention of many but, sadly, they're not happening.

In fact, Ford is only now showing pre-production Broncos at various events with standard factory doors; they need to make it clear those donut doors were nothing more than design showcase. But fortunately, Bronco owners can still fully remove the doors whenever they'd like. But unlike the Wrangler, the Bronco's windshield cannot fold flat. Hey, we can't win them all.

Just last week, the online Bronco configurator went live and fully optioned, the price tag exceeds $70,000, of course, that's when using the $61,605 MSRP First Edition four-door model as a starting point.

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