Ford Confirms What We Knew All Along: There Will Be More GTs


Missed out first time around? You're now back in luck.

It's pretty common knowledge in car fanatic circles that the new Ford GT was/remains a highly sought-after vehicle. More than 7,000 prospective owners applied for the EcoBoost-propelled supercar, even though only 500 were originally slated for production over a period of two years. In a sudden policy reversal, Ford has decided to double the production run of the GT. But that doesn't mean that it's suddenly substantially easier to successfully put your name down for one.

Though order books won't be closed again until 2018, that doesn't mean 500 new wannabe Ford GT owners will suddenly get another shot at acquiring the deeds to one. The allocated run of cars that'll be produced in 2018 will only be open to the people who were put on the waiting list after the first 500 examples were originally assigned to buyers, which leaves just 250 units left to fight over for the final year of production in 2019. And even then, those 250 GTs now up for grabs won't be available exclusively to new applicants, as those who had their original requests deferred or missed out on the original deadline will also be given the chance to put their name down for a GT to be delivered before the decade is over.

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But let's think of the positives. The 500 people who thought they missed out on owning one of the most anticipated supercars of the decade have been given another chance to be one of those lucky few, and doubling the production run means it's even more likely us mere mortals will get to clap our eyes on one in the wild. Plus, the production run extension also means Ford can field the GT in the IMSA and World Endurance Championship racing series until 2019. Oh, and it also gives Ford the opportunity to win Le Mans in its class four years in succession, 50 years after the legendary GT40 achieved that same feat. Yeah, that might have been a factor behind the decision to extend GT production.