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Ford Could Be Cooking Up A New Compact Pickup Based On The Focus

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It would slot below the mid-sized Ranger pickup launching next year.

It's no secret that Ford is killing most production cars in its current line-up by 2022 to focus on the more lucrative pickup truck and SUV segments. Only the Mustang and jacked-up Focus Active will survive Ford's car massacre, though the latter is essentially a crossover anyway.

The Fusion is also being given the axe, but the name could live on as recent reports suggest the new Fusion will adopt a wagon body style to compete with the Subaru Outback. To satisfy America's unrelenting appetite for pickup trucks and SUVs, Ford is reviving some big names from the automaker's model history including the Range, Explorer, and Bronco.

According to Automobile Magazine, Ford is also cooking up a new compact pickup truck based on the new fourth-generation Focus. It will apparently replace the aging Courier subcompact pickup truck, which is built in Brazil and based on a two-generation old Fiesta platform introduced in 1998.

Unnamed sources "familiar with Ford's future product plan," said Ford is considering selling the new compact pickup in the US in early 2022. The unibody pickup will slot below the Ranger midsize pickup arriving in US dealerships early next year but will be larger than the current Brazilian Courier according to the source. Production of the Focus-based pickup is expected to take place in Mexico for the US market.

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In Brazil, the model will launch as a direct successor to the Courier, but it isn't clear if the name will be retained in Brazil and the US or adopt a different moniker. Automobile Magazine suggests Ford could resurrect another iconic nameplate for the compact pickup: the Ranchero. The moniker hasn't been used in the US since 1979 when the seventh-generation model was discontinued, though it lived on in Argentina until 1991 when the Falcon-based Ranchero was retired.