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Ford Could Build a Tesla Model S Fighter But Won't (For Now)


If you think about it, such a model could be a good fit for Lincoln.

Ford was one of the first major automakers to invest heavily in various fuel-saving technologies. This includes its lineup of EcoBoost engines, plug-in hybrids, and the pure EV Focus electric. But the latter part could change. In a recent conference call with Wall Street investment analysts, Ford CEO Mark Fields stated that his company has the technological know-how to build a full-size, high-tech, long-range and high-performance EV on par with the Tesla Model S.

However, he refused to say whether or not such a car will happen, only stating that "It’s consistent with our product philosophy." Not only that, the automaker also bought a Model S for closer examination. "We drove it. We took it apart. We put it back together and we drove it again," according to Fields. A really interesting move would be if Lincoln eventually ended up with a Model S fighter. Ford, obviously, is more of a mainstream brand with a more affordable lineup. Lincoln, on the other hand, is desperately trying to reinvent itself. A big luxury sedan with the required performance and driving range abilities could turn out to be a solid fit for the marque. For now, however, Ford will stick with the Focus EV.

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