Ford Creates Frankenstang With 1965 And 2015 Mustang


Ford made a real life cutaway diagram.

When it comes to the Mustang, Ford likes to commit to some drastic ways of exemplifying how cool the car is. It may be a coincidence, but all of these stunts involve cutting the car into pieces. First, Ford cut apart a new Mustang and rebuilt it on top of the Empire State Building just for the shock value. Now, Ford has put two Mustangs under the saw just to show how the muscle car has evolved over the years. To do this, a 1965 and a 2015 Mustang were sacrificed and cut in the middle lengthwise.

The two were then joined to show just how exterior and interior proportions have changed over the years. The interiors of both cars were also preserved, allowing for a comparison of the two cabins that have styling and designs separated by half a century. As one might expect, the newer Mustang is much bigger than the old one. Aside from the general growing of cars as demand for comfort goes up, safety features like cleverly designed crush points in the metal, airbags, and pedestrian safety designs contribute to the added size and make it so that 30 mph crashes aren’t death sentences. This is good for any car that advertises itself as a source of mass produced horsepower.

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The Mustang display will have a permanent home in the United States Patent And Trademark Office In Alexandria Virginia. Enthusiasts may enjoy the display for giving them the ability to compare how the cars compare and how automotive tech has changed over time, but the reason that the spliced Mustang was made is to highlight how patents and trademarks create a business setting that enables true innovation. When the original Mustang came out in 1964, no patents were filed on the design or the car’s technology. This is a far cry from modern times because the new Mustang has 37 patents on its styling alone. Whatever helps to create such awesome cars, Ford just needs keep doing what its doing because it’s worked out so far.