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Ford Dealer Selling Nitrous-Boosted 800-HP Mustang GTs

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Dragstrip ready right from the dealership.

You can walk straight to your neighborhood Ford dealership and buy a brand new Mustang GT with a 460-hp 5.0-liter V8 for just over $35,000. America is awesome. But if you live in Ohio, you can get a whole more. The Ford dealership in Cincinnati is now selling nitrous oxide-equipped Mustang GTs with a total of 800 hp. It's called the BFP Drag Pak, and the trunk-mounted nitrous bottles are there for a very good reason: a 10-second drag strip run.

The dealership claims these nitrous-boosted Mustangs are still covered with a partial warranty, but we're not entirely certain Ford itself will totally agree with that. You know how automakers can be when it comes to aftermarket modifications and warranties.

Anyway, Beechmont Ford is also no stranger to modifying new Mustangs, as it's known for its over 700 hp supercharged Mustangs GTs that can be had for around $40,000.

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But the nitrous Mustang is something new. In addition to the nitrous outlet kit, cars are equipped with a nitrous controller, Steeda drag springs, Mickey Thompson SS tires, billet oil pump gears, and upgraded crank sprockets. "We often see supercharged cars or other builds rolling out and have to add this disclaimer that 'you're only a few suspension mods and a tire away from the 10's'," wrote Charlie Watson, marketing manager at Beechmont Ford in an email to The Drive. "The BFP Drag Pak is designed to have the ability to be driven from our parking lot to the strip and run 10's. No tire change, no suspension change, no fuel upgrades. It's ready."

It also doesn't matter whether you prefer the six-speed manual or automatic gearbox as the Drag Pak can be configured for both. "Nitrous is a very efficient and very misunderstood power adder," Watson added. "It's not more dangerous than a supercharger or a turbo, it's just easier to abuse." No pricing was given for this specific Mustang GT build, though based on those quite affordable supercharged Stangs, we can't picture this latest one costing too much bank.