Ford Dealers Stockpiling F-150s

Despite an upcoming redesign, sales of the current F-150 are still soaring.

The next-gen Ford F-150 is just around the corner, although its launch has been delayed a few months due to last minute issues with its aluminum body panels. Despite that minor setback, the Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant will be closed this summer in order to be retooled for the next-gen pickup. In other words, production of the current F-150 is going to end very soon and Ford dealers are worried because the truck is still selling in big numbers.

In order to prevent their sales from dropping during the upcoming production gap, dealers have been stockpiling new F-150s. Many dealers have increased their orders by as much as 20 percent. Some buyers will be looking for a good deal on an F-150 with the full knowledge that a new model is just around a corner, but to them a bargain is a bargain. Dealers obviously don’t want to miss out on those sales. Thing is, there’s only a certain amount of F-150s that can be built until the stoppage begins, so many dealers are now fighting amongst each other over allocation. Ford will boost F-150 production by two percent in early 2014, but that may not be enough to meet dealer demand.

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