Ford Debuts New Fiesta Cargo Van

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Ford's little hatchback gets a utilitarian makeover for the new Fiesta Van.

If you've ever driven a van and lamented that it drives like a truck, you may want to take a look at the Ford Fiesta Van. As you can see, it's much smaller than your average van, based as it is on a three-door hatchback but with a cargo compartment in the back optimized for small businesses. Ford has just updated the van with the same revisions it's applied along the rest of the Fiesta range, including new LED headlights and a sharper design, but what sets the Fiesta Van apart, of course, is its rear compartment.

Despite offering only one cubic meter of load space, the Fiesta Van incorporates an industry-standard steel bulkhead and four tie-down hooks for cargo, plus durable floor mats and sidewall trim, making it suitable for house calls and delivery of small packages.

The Fiesta Van is being offered in the UK with three engine options: a 75-horsepower diesel 1.5, a 95hp diesel 1.6 and an 85hp 1.25 gasoline engine. In Econetic trim, it incorporates stop/start ignition, a lowered suspension, optimized aerodynamics and low-rolling resistance tires to deliver the best fuel economy and emissions in its class. Buyers can also opt for 17-inch wheels, and will find the cabin laden with the latest technologies, including Ford SYNC with emergency assistance, hill-start assist, rear-view camera and emergency brake assist.

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