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Ford Definitely Has Upcoming Plans For The Ranger

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But it may not be what we want most.

A few days ago we reported that Ford had trademarked a new nameplate, Badlands. Only one year ago did it also buy the rights to the name Adrenaline. Both trademark applications are for the use of "Land motor vehicles, namely passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks, and sport utility vehicles." Unfortunately, neither indicates the potential existence of a Ranger Raptor for North America. A Ranger test mule looking an awful lot like a Raptor variant was spotted over a year ago driving in the Detroit, Michigan area, but not long afterward Ford said a Raptor variant won't be offered for the current generation truck.

While Adrenaline sounds more like a performance variant, could a potential Ranger Badlands be instead of a Raptor? Perhaps, but Ford Authority has learned the Blue Oval has trademarked yet another name that's already in use elsewhere for the Ranger.

The name Wildtrak was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office only last week. Does Wildtrak perhaps sound vaguely familiar? It might because it's currently a trim level for the Ranger in Australia and other international markets where the Ranger Raptor is also sold.

The Ranger Wildtrak, pictured here, is based on the four-wheel-drive Super Crew model and features a model-specific grille finished in dark gray, 18-inch wheels, and various other exterior and interior trim items to make it more unique. It even can even be ordered, at least in Australia, with a model-specific color, Pride Orange. Wildtrak badging is also present. The Ranger Wildtrak fills the slot between the XLT and Raptor models.

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If it were to be sold in the US, then it'd likely be the top trim, unless, of course, Ford has something else in mind. It's also entirely possible the Badlands and/or Adrenaline nameplates are not even intended for the Ranger, but for the upcoming Bronco.

In any case, Ford is definitely up to something in regards to additional Ranger trims, but we just don't know what exactly at this time. While we won't rule out a Ranger Raptor, we still wouldn't bet serious money on it. A Ranger Wildtrak, however, seems like a far safer bet.